The Third Noble Truth

Sylvia Boorstien wrote, that the wisdom of the Third Noble Truth “allows us to accept that things are the way they are as a result of everything else in the world being the way it ever was and now is – this is the truth of interdependence – conditionality – nothing in this moment can be other than the way it is. Knowing, positively, that the struggle to create a different current reality is to no avail helps keep the attention present even when experience is painful. And then, the same wisdom that keeps the attention alert and present in painful circumstances includes the awareness – because it is our own experience at that moment – that human beings feel about things, that we yearn or grieve even when we understand that things can’t be different.  Life is a “no way out” situation.  Moving through it means accommodating, often surrendering, and – somehow or other – managing how we feel and developing skill at doing so.”

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