Joseph Goldstein once told Sylvia Boorstein in an interview, “Your attention is good. Use it to pay closer attention.You have a lot of Energy available to you. Don’t squander it!” She says of this, “The urgency of the task–it’s painful to suffer, and there is so little time to undo a lifetime, maybe more, of habits of suffering!–is a compelling call to pay attention all the time, not letting the mind be seduced into daydreams. Here are questions you could ask yourself during the day, on a bus, at work, at home looking out the window: “What’s going on here that I don’t see?” “What am I missing?” “What could I be seeing that would open my heart or lift it up?” You could think of it as contemplation practice, reflecting on the present moment, expecting to learn something new. The expectation energizes attention.”

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