How does Karma carry Forward?

3 buddhas in woods

Bhikkhu Bodhi was asked once what the medium is by which karma is carried from moment to moment, and what is it that creates this continuity? He said “It is a stream of consciousness, a continuum of moments of consciousness. As each moment of consciousness perishes, it passes its entire accumulated storage of impressions, experiences, potential, memories, and karmic deposits on to the succeeding moment of consciousness… Craving and behind that, ignorance, maintain the continuity of consciousness from life to life. When death takes place, ignorance and craving renew the process of conditioned existence. The stream of consciousness preserves and transmits all the wholesome and unwholesome karmas generated by that being, not only in the immediately terminating lifetime but from beginningless time. All the karmas whose force has yet to be expended will be transmitted.”


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