Wise or Right View

I’ve been reading about Wise View these days. “Wise View” is about how we look out of our eyes and “see” the world. It’s based on our perceptions, our beliefs, our ideas and wisdom. I read this by Santikaro Bhikkhu and thought I’d share it. “The Buddha talked about “right view” as seeing the truth of something without clinging to it. We can see just by careful looking and investigation that dharmas (phenomenon) are impermanent, unsatisfactory and empty of all conditions. But this kind of right view is distinctly different from creating a philosophical system based on a view and then feeling you’re superior to people who don’t share those perspectives. Some Buddhists have been known to cling to the notion of non­attachment, and then use it to criticize others… Views are fixed when you think the content of the view is something that is lasting, permanent and true. But if you see it as just an idea that’s created in one person’s mind, or in a group, and has been passed from generation to generation, then it’s hard to cling to it in a fixed way. How many opinions do we have that we’re still clinging to because we haven’t yet seen that they are created opinions? This is a matter to be investigated.”

What do you think?

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