Fear and uncertainty

All over the world, people are experiencing fear and uncertainty because of the corona virus. But, this isn’t a new experience for us. Fear and uncertainty is often a part of our underlying condition. The suffering we all experience moment to moment due to the very nature of life–what the Buddha called “conditioned existence.” Because everything changes continually, moment to moment, it feels like there’s no safety in this life… as Pema Chodron says “no ground under our feet.” And, indeed, there isn’t. There’s just what’s happening right now.

Jack Kornfield wrote, “Unhealthy thoughts can chain us to the past. We can, however, change our destructive thoughts in the present. Through mindfulness training we can recognize them as bad habits learned long ago. Then we can take the critical next step. We can discover how these obsessive thoughts cover our grief, insecurity, and loneliness. As we gradually learn to tolerate these underlying energies, we can reduce their pull. Fear can be transformed into presence and excitement. Confusion can open up into interest. Uncertainty can become a gateway to surprise. And unworthiness can lead us to dignity.” 

Good advice for difficult times….

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