Prajna Paramita

This week we will talk about the paramita of wisdom–prajna paramita. This is our innate wisdom that comes from our basic goodness. It informs our lives if we listen.

Sylvia Boorstein wrote about wisdom in this way, “the Buddha taught the Three Characteristics of Experience:
1. Everything is always changing (insight into impermanence).
2. Suffering is extra tension created in the mind when it struggles (insight into suffering).
3. Nothing has a substantive existence separate from everything else, or indeed any existence at all apart from contingency, apart from being the result of complex causes and factors in subsequent experience (insight into interdependence).”

Nothing ever remains the same — even the breath changes breath to breath; our lack or understanding of the interdependent nature of life (causes and conditions) and our desire for things to at last become permanent create our suffering.


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