The Three Principal Aspects of the Path

We will have a day-long retreat on September 23rd, in the Black Forest. The topic is the Lama Tsong Kapa’s teaching of the three principal aspects of the path. The first of these is renunciation. ‘Renunciation’ here refers to a turning away – turning away from the behaviors and habits that create yearning and samsara – and directing our spiritual energy towards liberation. Then the second is bodhicitta, the awakened heart/mind, which for the benefit of all sentient beings, in seeing sentient beings’ suffering, we strive to achieve the highest state of enlightenment in order to be of maximum benefit to all. Then the third of the three is “right view”, also known as ‘the wisdom of emptiness or shunyata’. ‘Wisdom’ here refers to the view of the ‘middle way’ between the two extremes of annihilation and permanence. So then the “right view” of reality is the third of the three principal aspects of the path.

We will be meeting in a private home. If you are interested in attending, please contact me for the address and directions. All are welcome!

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